Welcome to the Show!

Launched in August of 2019, The Cross Border Interview Podcast was brought to life on the premise that everyone has a story to tell, so why not tell them. 

Since the launch of the show in 2019 the show has been heard around the world, with guests from all background. 

Each Season the show tries to continue to grow and bring more and unique guests to the show. In Season 1 we had 48 interviews, in Season 2 we outdid ourselves by conducting over 58 interviews, and now in the midst of our Season 3 we are on schedule to surpass our first two seasons with episodes every morning at 8:00 AM. 

The Cross Border Interview Podcast prides ourselves on the idea that the 15 second soundbite doesn't do audiences justice we we want you to hear an unedited interview between two people talking. 

We hope that you get out from behind that social media feed and just start a conversation with someone. 

Christopher W. Brown


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