Meet The Team

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Host & Executive Producer 

Christopher Brown 

Christopher Brown is an Award winning journalist from Newcastle, Ontario. Along with Ricardo Miranda, Christopher started Cross Border Interviews in 2019, after getting sick of the traditional 15 second soundbite. 

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Executive Producer

Ricardo Miranda 

Ricardo Miranda is a former Alberta cabinet minister and trade unionist who was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta representing the electoral district of Calgary-Cross. Miranda was appointed Alberta's Minister of Culture and Tourism

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Meet Our Contributors

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Entertainment Pundit and Contributor

Michael Nichols Pate

Born a few short hours outside of NYC, Michael Nichols-Pate was raised on a diet of Broadway and music. In 2016, that culminated into a move to Los Angeles, CA where he got to hob knob with the celebs attending award show red carpets, movie premieres, and lavish parties of the celebrities (completely do to his husband working for the concert industry). Eventually, the pandemic shutting down Tinseltown led to the cities shine and luster fading, thus leading to this real househusband of Sherman Oaks, CA to become a real househusband of Albany, NY to be closer to family. Yet, this move has not curbed or slowed down the rate at which he consumes media and entertainment as it has become an obsession to see as many movies and tv shows as he can. Michael is thrilled for the opportunity to join Cross Border Interview Podcast as a regular guest to provide all of his insights and bad opinions on pop culture as a whole. To end, as Beyoncé one said, “I hope people don’t get sick of us. I’m in Destiny’s Child and I’m sick of us.” Michael looks forward to the conversations we will have together!

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