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3 Term Penhold Councillor Resigns

Penhold Councillor Mike Walsh (Photo from Penhold Town Website)

After a decade of dedicated service to the residents of Penhold, Alberta Councillor Mike Walsh has submitted his resignation from Penhold Council.

Walsh's resignation was effective immediately and was submitted to Penhold CAO Rick Binnendyk on June 26th, 2023.

Councillor Walsh first entered municipal politics in 2013, and his commitment and passion for the town led to his re-election in 2017 and most recently in 2021. Over the years, he has played an integral role in shaping the community and addressing the needs of its residents.

In his resignation letter, Councillor Walsh expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the residents of Penhold for entrusting him with their support and faith for the past decade. He also acknowledged the wish for Penhold to continue to prosper, "I wish you and the Town of Penhold continued success."

Shortly after the news broke, Penhold Mayor Mike Yargeau took to Facebook to share his appreciation for Councillor Walsh's contributions. Mayor Yargeau expressed his gratitude for everything Walsh had done for the community during his tenure, noting his dedication and unwavering commitment to the town's betterment.

"His voice and passion will be missed at the council table," the Penhold Mayor stated.

With Councillor Walsh's departure, the Town of Penhold now faces the task of filling the vacant council seat. According to municipal regulations, a by-election must be held within 90 days to ensure continued representation for the town's residents.

Mayor Yargeau confirmed, in the same Facebook Post, that the by-election process would be initiated promptly, with a call for nominations expected to be made by early September. The mayor emphasized the importance of finding a suitable replacement who shares the same passion and commitment to serving the people of Penhold.

"The successful candidate will jump head first into a very busy time for council. Along with the election information there will be a list of upcoming meetings and events provided to anyone wishing to run," Yargeau stated.

Walsh, a Teacher by trade, will be moving to Strathmore, Alberta.


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