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Alberta Liberals to select new leader in 2022

In the first rumblings of the next Alberta Liberal leadership race, since interim leader John Roggeveen took over the head job, the party has announced that a leadership race will take place sometime this year.

The Liberals have been within a permanent leader since former leader David Khan left the Liberal top job in November 2020.

In an letter posted on the Alberta Liberal website the interim leader states that the leadership race will start in the first half of 2022, " In the first half of 2022, we’ll start our Leadership Race. I have no doubt we’ll see fantastic candidates step forward and vie for Leadership."

Roggeveen said in the letter that the leadership race and the upcoming policy convention will help grow the party, "These events will help grow our party and illustrate how positive and pragmatic politics can build a stronger Alberta."

The Alberta Liberals failed to win any seats in the 2019 election after being reduced to 1 seat in 2015.

As candidates announce their intentions the Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown plans on reaching out to all candidates to come on the show to talk about their leadership campaign.


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