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Alberta Municipalities Responds to Bill 20

Welcome to "Municipal Affairs," I'm your host, Chris Brown.

In this episode, we are continuing our journey into Bill 20.

Bill 20 emerges as a harbinger of significant change, poised to reshape the intricate relationship between local and provincial powers.

Alberta Municipalities, the collective voice representing the province's cities, towns, and villages, has raised a red flag on this proposed legislation. In a recent press conference, they voiced deep concerns echoing throughout municipal circles, shedding light on the potential repercussions of Bill 20.

In a press conference Monday, Alberta Municipalities President Tyler Gandam said that the municipal organization has deep concerns over the proposed bill.

At its core, Bill 20 signifies a seismic shift in power dynamics, empowering the provincial cabinet with unprecedented control over local governments. The palpable fear among municipal officials, as articulated by Gandam, underscores the gravity of the situation. The looming spectre of repercussions casts a shadow over any who dare to question or oppose the dictates of the provincial government.

Here is President Gandam's Remarks to Reporters on Monday.



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