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Alberta NDP call for the Removal of MLA Getson and MLA Hunter.

While media had been mainly paying attention to the events happening on Parliament Hill this weekend, here close to home a convoy had set up shop at the Coutts Border Crossing causing a stop of traffic at the Alberta/Montana Border.

A UCP MLA was in attendance at this weekends Convoy at the border, MLA Grant Hunter (Cardston-Taber-Warner), while another UCP MLA Shane Getson (Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland) has been accused of supporting the blockade of the border crossing.

The Official Opposition jumped on a facebook post that MLA Getson that said that the

Canadian Air Force might need to be called in to help consumers out, "I’d also suggest getting the globe masters and Hercs lined up. The Air Force may need to help out the consumers on the home front.

"Just for “the things people need, not what they want” as you put it a few days back," Getson wrote in a facebook post.

Rachel Notley the leader of the Alberta NDP in a statement said, ""This is dangerous and irresponsible rhetoric, and it's unacceptable for someone who speaks like this during a public health crisis to remain part of the governing caucus."

The Alberta NDP is also calling for Jason Kenney to turf Grant Hunter, MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner for participating in a blockade.

"Grant Hunter is taking part in a blockade that the Premier and the RCMP have both

declared illegal. It is completely untenable for him to continue as a member of the government caucus," Notley stated.

"I can't believe I have to say this but an elected MLA must not prevent essential goods from entering our province and block emergency vehicles from attending to Albertans in need," said Transportation Critic Lorne Dach.

"Grant Hunter cannot continue to speak as a member of the government," Dach added.

While Premier Kenney has not made any announcements on this weekends Coutts blockade, at a press conference today Minister Doug Schweitzer said that this weekends events with MLA Hunter will have to be discussed at caucus, "I'm disappointed that Grant Hunter made the decision to go there, and participate in the illegal blockade."


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