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Bill 20: One-On-One with Minister Ric McIver

Welcome to "Municipal Affairs”.

In this episode, we spotlight a pivotal moment as Alberta's government unveils Bill 20, a landmark legislation poised to redefine the landscape of transparency, accountability, and accessibility in local elections - according to the province.

In a democratic society, the cornerstone of trust lies in the integrity of our electoral processes and the accountability of our elected officials.

According to the Province fo Alberta, With Bill 20, the government seeks to uphold these fundamental principles, ensuring that Albertans can rely on transparent, free, and fair elections while demanding clearer accountability from municipally-elected representatives.

The Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act encompasses amendments to both the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) and the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Now according to Municipal Affairs Minister the Hon. Ric McIver - These proposed reforms aim to enhance transparency in local election processes, empower voters, and safeguard the integrity of the democratic process.

So, to shed light on the significance and implications of Bill 20, we're honoured to have Alberta's Municipal Affairs Minister, Ric McIver, joining us for a one-on-one interview.

Minister McIver's insights into the motivations behind the proposed amendments, as well as their potential impact on Alberta's local governance, promise to offer valuable perspectives on this legislation.

Stay tuned as 'This is Municipal Affairs'.



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