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Brar acclaimed in Calgary North East for Alberta NDP

Gurinder Brar will carry the banner for the Alberta NDP in the 2023 provincial election.

Brar was acclaimed as the candidate in the riding of Calgary North East thursday night with Edmonton MLA Jasir Doel, MLA Kathleen Ganley and MLA Irfan Sabir standing beside the newly minted candidate.

Brar said in his speech which was live streamed via the Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley Facebook Page that he was ready to win the riding, "We all know that the last two years have been very difficult for all (albertans).

"And they have been made worse by this UCP government," Brar said in his speech to supporters.

Brar said that the last two year has been tough on all albertans, "People have lost their jobs, their businesses, they got ill, and many lost their loved ones during this pandemic."

The Calgary North East NDP candidate pointed other issues outside of the pandemic that hammered the people in the North East of Calgary, "On top of this pandemic, in Calgary North East, we were also hit by a devastating hail storm."

Parts of the North East section of Calgary has hammered by a hailstorm in the summer of 2020, which cause up to $1.5 billion in damages.

Brar said that the people of the North East expected the UCP and their local MLAs to stand up during this difficult time for families to represent them in government,"Sadly they did nothing to help Calgary North East (after) the hail storm."

He went on to say that he got into politics because he couldn't sit back anymore and watch what the UCP was doing to the province, "I'm really proud to be running as part of Rachel Notley's Team."

Calgary North East is currently represented by Transportation Minister Rajan Sawhney who won the rinding in 2019. Sawhney has not yet declared if she would be seeking a second term.

In 2019 the NDP candidate was Gurbachan Brar who is the uncle of Gurinder.

*A previous version of the story had identified Mr. Brar as a real estate agent. This was incorrect and we apologize for the misunderstanding.*


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