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Calgary Forest Lawn MP endorses Poilievre in CPC Leadership

Calgary Forest Lawn Member of Parliament Jasraj Singh Hallan is backing Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre in the race for the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Calgary Forest Lawn MP announced via social media that he was backing Poilievre to be the next leader and Prime Minister of Canada, "Pierre knows what it takes to unite all Canadians together."

Singh Hallan said that during this time of division the party needs to back someone who can begin to heal the division, "Our Country has never been as divided as it is today under this liberal government with Justin Trudeau at the helm."

Poilievre who grew up in Calgary, welcomed the support from the Calgary MP stating, "We are both in it for Calgarians, Albertans, and all Canadians. I dont know about you but I feel like Canadians sense that they're losing control of their lives."

He added that having the support of Singh Hallan who has championed the people who want to experience all the best about Canada , "I'm so thankful that you're part of that effort and I'm thankful for the way you have championed (Calgary) Forest Lawn and Calgary on Parliament Hill. Now lets go forward and make Canada, the freest place on earth so Canadians can take control of their lives."

Singh Hallan joins a growing list of backers of Poilievre who announced on February 5th that he was seeking the leadership.

The Conservative Party have yet announced rules, entrance fees, and details about the leadership convention.


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