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Canada bans all petroleum products from Russia

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources is making it clear that Canada is banning all petroleum products from Russia.

Johnathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Natural Resources has announced that while Canada has imported very little crude oil over the last few years a new import ban will be in place shortly, "Our government announced that we will be banning crude oil imports from Russia. Canada has imported very little over the past several years. This new ban will ensure we import none going forward.

"This ban will also include the import of refined petroleum products and other petroleum products from Russia," Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson acknowledges that the ban could affect the Canadian economy, " I have asked officials at Natural Resources Canada to design a ban that will minimize the impact to the Canadian economy, while maximizing the impact on the Russian economy."

Todays announcement comes after Prime Minsiter Justin Trudeau announced the ban on crude oil into the country from Russia yesterday in a press conference, "We are announcing a ban on all imports of crude oil from Russia, an industry that has benefited President Putin and his oligarchs greatly.

"And while Canada has imported very little amounts in recent years, this measure sends a powerful message"

Canada is the world's fourth largest producer of oil.


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