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Canada urges to leave Ukraine as Russian threat grows.

The Canadian Government is asking all Canadians still in Ukraine to leave as the ongoing threat along the Russian/Ukraine border grows.

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs urged all Canadians in Ukraine to make the necessary arrangements to leave the country now, “Since February 1, we have been urging Canadians to avoid all travel to Ukraine because of the ongoing Russian threats and the risk of armed conflict.

"We have also been asking Canadians already in Ukraine to leave while commercial means are still available. Our highest priority remains the safety and security of Canadians."

As diplomatic options for averting war in Ukraine appeared to narrowing each day has been, international governments around the world have been warning citizens in Ukraine to leave the country.

“Our diplomatic and consular staff remain on the ground and stand ready to provide consular assistance to Canadian citizens as required. However, our ability to do so could become severely limited," Joly said in a statement.

The statement says that diplomatic and consular staff will remain in the country to offer help to any Canadians that remain behind.


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