CARLSON: Live Experience, The Lens of a Leader

Kieth Carlson

President of Alberta Party Livingstone Macleod Constituency Association


It's another gorgeous day in Southwestern Alberta. Driving for restaurant supplies is still somewhat sporadic because of supply chain issues, but mostly because it's food service during the Calgary Stampede. I could be angry. Well, heck, my freedom to stay and run my business has been interrupted yet again. I could be, but I'm not. So why, may you ask? I have a role that involves solving and adapting to many variables to ensure my life continues as smoothly as possible.

On my drive today, I had three hours to listen to the radio, compose my thoughts and center myself before sitting in front of my keyboard and typing words that aren't a complaint about what Alberta could be but maybe how we could help it become what it can be. Perhaps, even a little bit of what it was. I won't ever say I am a religious person, but a moral person is what I strive to be. "Love thy neighbour" is one thing that many quotes, then the same person talks of why someone else's thoughts are lesser.

The action of speaking of one's beliefs and then doing activities opposite of our words is standard. I want to ask whoever reads this to think about their secondary plans daily, and I think you will find that most of them will be about how we adjust to the human element in society. How do different people have different lived experiences? How do those experiences shape our perceptions, our tolerances, and our adaptability? So, what is your lived experience?