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Chapter 3, Episode 15: Tony Isabella

Tony Isabella has been a comics writer and columnist for more than 35 years.

He got his start working for Stan Lee at Marvel Comics as a writer and editor.

As a writer, Isabella scripted Ghost Rider; the characters It, the Living Colossus, in Astonishing Tales; Luke Cage in Hero for Hire and Power Man; and Tigra in Marvel Chillers; Daredevil; and Captain America. While writing the "Iron Fist" feature in Marvel Premiere, he co-created the supporting character Misty Knight with artist Arvell Jones.

Isabella developed the concept of The Champions series and wrote the first several issues.

At DC Comics he created Black Lightning, the company’s first headline African-American hero.

He pitched the idea for Black Lightning and it was developed though only 11 issues were published in the first series

He’s a contributing editor and the lead reviewer for Comics Buyer’s Guide, where he has reviewed more comic books than anyone else in the magazine’s history.

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