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Chapter 3, Episode 77: David Gogo

David Gogo knows the blues.

And so does his song writing. His guitar. And his sharp-witted lyrics that relates as easily as it breaks your heart.

“All of my life has been the same, and I ain’t never, never gonna change,” Gogo whiskey sips over slide guitar on “Never Gonna Change”, the lead track from his 2021 release, Silver Cup. And it’s a set up to an old-fashioned, yarn-spinning story of life from the hard side of the tracks, but the commitment to leaning into what’s created of you. “I was listening to my vinyl albums, going down rabbit holes on the internet, reading biographies of musicians, and playing my many guitars and just feeling the energy of so much great music,” Gogo says.

Serving up his sixteenth full-length album, Gogo knows a thing or two about laying it all on the railroad ties of truth. This album, birthed of a global shutdown pandemic, is a passion project penned acoustically alongside long-time friend and producer, Steve Marriner. Gogo says he utilized the downtime the pandemic provided to delve deep into his heritage; Silver Cup becoming the liner notes of his history.

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