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Chapter 3, Episode 88: Family Violence Prevention Month

EDITORIAL NOTE: This episode may not be safe for everyone. There are resources available in the show notes if you need to reach out to anyone after you listen to this episode.

Alberta has the third highest rate of self-reported spousal violence among Canadian provinces, yet family violence is preventable.

November is Family Violence Prevention Month (FVPM) in Alberta.

There were approximately 400,000 victims of police-reported violent crime in Canada in 2019. Of these, one-quarter (26%, or more than 100,000 people) were victimized by a family member—that is, a spouse, parent, child, sibling or extended family member perpetrated the violence.

Women and girls accounted for two-thirds (67%) of all victims of family violence in 2019. Women and girls also accounted for over half of child and youth (57%) and senior (58%) victims of family violence, and almost four-fifths of all victims of intimate partner violence (79%).

Family violence that came to the attention of police was most often perpetrated by a current spouse (31%) or a parent (20%), followed by a former spouse (13%), a sibling (11%) or the victim's child (11%).

Returning guest Lana Bentley, a Clinical Social Worker, is on the show to help us discuss this important issue and talk openly and frankly about this issue.

During this episode I discuss my past issues with family violence from a partner in my first public open discussion in the topic since it happened in 2013.

If you know someone, or are someone in a situation where Family Violence is happening:

  1. The Family Violence Info Line (310-1818) is available toll-free to Albertans 24/7 in over 170 languages,

  2. the Family Violence Info Line chat is available 24/7 daily in English, In Alberta 24 hour help shelters are in place,,

  3. Community Connect Calgary ,

  4. Distress Centre Calgary Crisis support, 24/7 or call 403-266-HELP (4357),

  5. Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse Supports: Phone,chat,text; Sexual Assault Response Team, Police and court support; Counselling 403-237-5888, and;

  6. Shelter Safe

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