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Chapter 3: Introduction

We are back with Season 3 of the Cross Border interview Podcast

In 2019, when we launched this show we couldn’t imagine us being here. We have sat down with some amazing guests and had some great conversations over the past two seasons.

If you haven’t tuned in before, welcome and thanks for taking this journey with us!

If you haven't heard an episode yet, I suggest you got back and listen to our great interviews with a range of guests.

This year we have some amazing guests on the show and some amazing panels as well.

One of the biggest changes that you will notice this year is we are going BIGGER! We are throwing away our two episodes a week format, and expanding to 5 days a week. Starting Monday August 2nd.

This season we are going to be doing some new and exciting things.

We will be posing some rapid fire questions to some of our guests as well this year for our exclusive Facebook/Twitter content. So be sure to subscribe to not miss a Rapid Fire round, the links to our Facebook Page and Twitter Account can be found in the show notes! So be sure to head over today and give us a like!

Like in season 2 we will be bringing back some fan favourite series including former federal politicians month, and municipal council month. We will also be introducing some new month long series including, Provincial Politician Month.

We also will have back our entertainment pundit, and our political pundit for some great special episodes.

So with that, I’m Christopher Brown Your Host and this is Cross Border Interview Season 3!

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