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Charest Makes Stop In Wildrose Country

He started the morning in his home province of Quebec but ended the night in Wildrose Country.

Jean Charest is in, and He's saying he's, "Built to Win."

The former Premier made his first campaign stop in Calgary on Thursday night meeting with supporters and conservative party members. The event that took place at Wildrose Brewery was at capacity and was turning people away at the door.

Former President of ATB Paul Haggis introduced Charest at the event stating, "What we need here is a real leader, someone who has done it before, and that person is Jean Charest."

Haggis went on to say, "Commitment, Competence, Experience, Vision and Success, Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the Next Prime Minister of Canada Jean Charest."

Charest said that picking Calgary, and Alberta as his first campaign stop was to make a simple point, "The point I want to make is about the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Country itself.

"We won first prize, In all the places in the world this is the best place to be born, and the best place to raise a family. But yet when I look out I see a Country is way below its potential," he added. "I know that if (Canada) is to meet its potential it's going to need National political parties."

Charest played to Alberta during his speech, talking about the need for Canada's energy industry, "Every Individual nation in the world that is sovereign must secure a supply of energy and now for Canada it is on our agenda."

Charest admitted that governments of the past haven't made Canada Energy a priority, "Usually it isn't, and you know why? This type of crisis doesn't happen all the time. But the responsibility of the government. The responsibility of government isn't just to managed things on a day-to-day basis it is about preparing, it's about anticipating."

Charest says that Canada needs to step up its game and get our natural resources to market, particularly in Europe where European governments are still buying oil and energy from Russia, "And is being financed by Europe by buying their gas to wage a war on Ukraine."

The former Premier said that in a Charest Government C-48 and C-69 would be killed.

When it comes to carbon pricing, Charest said that he would go back to the drawing board, "We are going to get it right and do it while respecting Canadians who live in rural areas and provinces."

In a press scrum afterwards, Charest said that he has always loved Alberta, " The one thing that Albertans feel strongly about is that it's not about where your from, its not your name, or your diploma that determines what your future is, and I've always love that about Albertans.

"So in this province, I have a lot of people I've worked with over the years who will be there and It will be a fight," He added.


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