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City of Morden Mayor Resigns

Mayor Brandon Burley, of the City of Morden (Photo From City of Morden Website)

Mayor Brandon Burley, of the City of Morden, announced his resignation today after serving as the city's mayor for five years.

In a press release, Mayor Burley explained his decision, stating, "I have come to recognize the significant responsibility I have towards my family's own transformational growth years."

While he did not provide specific details about his family's situation, it is clear that personal matters have played a significant role in his decision to step down from his role as mayor.

Mayor Burley also expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the City Council for their unwavering support and friendship throughout his time in office. He thanked the council members for their collaboration and dedication to the betterment of Morden.

News of the resignation filled Social Media Thursday afternoon with Winkler, Manitoba (which neighbours Morden) Mayor Henry Siemens expressing his appreciation of the outgoing mayor, "I've appreciated the opportunity to work together on regional concerns.

"You will be missed. That said, I'm proud to see you make the decision to put your family first. Good Luck with whatever endeavour you choose to pursue next," Siemens stated.

The city will need to call a by-election to fill the vacancy created by the mayor's resignation.

This announcement by the Mayor marks the second resignation from the City of Morden Council in less than a month. On September 14th, Councillor Florian Lassnig announced his decision to step down from council due to family reasons.

These recent departures highlight the personal sacrifices that public servants often make while serving their communities.


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