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Councillor Marco Van Huigenbos Resigns from Fort Macleod Town Council

After six years of dedicated service, Councillor Marco Van Huigenbos has announced his resignation from the Fort Macleod Town Council, effective Tuesday, February 13th. Van Huigenbos decision comes with a mix of gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community and recognition of personal and legal challenges on the horizon, according to the resignation letter posted on social media.

In the resignation letter which was addressed to the citizens of Fort Macleod, Councillor Van Huigenbos expressed his gratitude for the privilege of serving the community. He reflected on the successes and challenges experienced during his tenure and emphasized his commitment to doing what was right for the growing community. Acknowledging the often difficult and unpopular decisions faced by the council, he commended his fellow councillors for their dedication to furthering the community positively.

"In the near future, I face significant challenges, both personal and legal," wrote Van Huigenbos. "These challenges may indirectly cast our community and my role on council in a negative light. In consideration of this and my own personal convictions, I have made the difficult decision to resign as Councillor for the Town of Fort Macleod effective February 13."

The announcement of Van Huigenbos's resignation was met with understanding and appreciation from both the council and the administration. In a media release issued by the Town of Fort Macleod, CAO Anthony Burdell expressed respect for Van Huigenbos's decision and gratitude for his contributions to the council. Burdell highlighted Van Huigenbos's insightful inquiries and steadfast commitment to fiscal responsibility, noting his valuable role in fostering meaningful dialogue within the council.

Under the Municipal Government Act, a by-election must be held to fill the vacant seat on the council.

The administration will present a report recommending a by-election date to the council at the February 26, 2024, meeting.

Councillor Marco Van Huigenbos was first elected to the council in the 2017 general election and was re-elected in the 2021 general election. His resignation marks the third vacancy on the council since the 2021 general election. In October 2022 a bye-election was held to replace former councillors Werner Dressier and Kristi Edwards. The winners of that by-election was now Councillors Aaron Poytress and Christina Fox.


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