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Cracks appear in Kenney's Armour, as 1st UCP MLA call for his Resignation

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's month got a bit tougher this week as Red Deer-South MLA Jason Stephan is calling on the Premier to step down as confidence has been lost.

In an editorial that appeared in the Red Deer Advocate, Stephan said, "Confidence is lost, and for the good of the party, for the province, the Premier should be gracious, resign and support a positive leadership race for a new leader to unite the party and the province."

Stephan has become the first MLA to call for the resignation of Kenney who has been struggling this month. Earlier in March former Wildrose Leader and Runner Up in the UCP leadership Brian Jean was elected back into office, and immediately called for Kenney to step down ahead of the Leadership Review that was scheduled to be held on April 9th in Red Deer.

Early this week the board of the UCP changed the voting method of the upcoming leadership review, which irked a few MLA's and UCP riding presidents.

Stephan said that the ongoing distraction from governing and the sole focus on the leadership review has become a circus, "The Premier’s leadership, and now his unprecedented efforts to full out campaign and control the results of his own review have become a circus, a distraction, and a liability to the province and the party.

"The Premier of Alberta needs to be respected and trusted by Albertans to fearlessly defend our interests. The current Premier does not have that," he added.


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