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Ep. 17 Hilary Chaple

Welcome Back to 1 first of what should be some great conversations here on the Cross Border Interview Podcast of 2020!

If you don’t know by now, my name is Christopher Brown and I’ll be your host.

Since the launch of the podcast I’ve been asked the same thing, why do you do this podcast? And I give everyone the same answer. This podcast is about talking to people in an intimate setting and just having a discussion. Today we find ourselves often becoming keyboard warriors and have forgotten the lost art of the conversation.

So in mid 2019 I started this podcast to achieve one goal, get people to have conversations again. With no notes, no prepared questions I sit down with subjects to learn about them, from them.

Today’s guest is no exception to that.

Hilary Chapple and I have known each other for one year, we only met once but we sat down on a Wednesday Afternoon to talk about her passion.

As someone who has been homeless in Alberta, she knew firsthand what people today are struggling with. Our conversation goes from her first arriving in Canada in 1977, to her coming out in 1984, and what lead to her becoming homeless in 2010.

We also talk about her new work doing research on LGBT homeless here in Calgary, but also across Canada.

We dive deep into her outlook on homelessness, and her vision to end homeless in the next five years.

With that begin said, enjoy Cross Border Interviews Ft. Hilary Chapple

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Hillary Chapple (Guest) and Christopher Brown (Host)
Hillary Chapple (Guest) and Christopher Brown (Host)


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