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Episode 402: Alberta Party Barry Morishita

Welcome to the Cross Border Interviews With Barry Morishita

A proud 3rd generation Japanese Canadian, Barry’s paternal great-grandparents’ immigrated to Canada in 1913. They, along with his grandmother, spent several years confined to a World War 2 Japanese internment camp in Tashme, B.C., during which time his father was born. Once released, they chose to move to Alberta in 1947 and eventually settled in the Rosemary area. His mother immigrated from England in 1952.

His roles on City Council evolved to include leadership positions with the local seniors housing foundation, in regional economic development, and with Canadian Badlands Tourism, among others. When Barry was elected to the board of directors of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and understand the endless potential of our great province. He served as President from 2017 to 2021, leading Alberta’s municipalities in provincial and federal advocacy and stakeholder projects. This important leadership role allowed him to travel all over Alberta to visit municipalities big and small, where he was able to listen to diverse voices and engage in thoughtful conversations on how to realize the potential of Alberta.


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