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Episode Eleven: "I Just Want A Book Club"

One is known for his creativity in film and theatre, and the other is known for "No Air".

Now if you were thinking EGOT Winner Mike Nichols, and R&B Singer Chris Brown.

Well... No, Not Them...

Michael Nichols is a critically acclaimed theatre Director from upstate New York and Chris Brown is the Host of the online show “Cross Border Interviews”, and is wants to thank everyone who tune in last month for an amazing episode where the majority of the comments weren’t attacking me, but instating asking if Michael was “OK” and if he needed help, as and I’m quoting here, “Is Michael going through some a mid-life crisis,” to which i replied, “In the gay community 30 is the new 50. So, yes he’s at the end of his mid-life crisis.”

Either Way, Together Michael Nichols and Chris Brown talk about the entertainment industry, as two people who aren't the people you thinking of only can.

This is... No, Not Them.....


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