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Former NDP Cabinet Minister Danielle Larivee announces comeback

Ms. Fix it is back!

The former Minister of Municipal Affairs, Minister in Charge of Service Alberta, Ministry of Child Services and Ministry of Status of Women has announced that she is running for the nomination for the Alberta NDP in her old riding of Lesser Slave Lake.

The former MLA from 2015-2019 announced via social media that she was seeking the

nomination for the NDP, "Our communities have really suffered from poor representation since 2019. I’ve lived in Slave Lake for over 40 years, and the people of Lesser Slave Lake are like family to me.

"I’m ready to get back to spending time with and listening to people across the constituency so that I can be strong voice for our families and communities" Larivee stated in the tweet thread.

Since her defeat in 2019 to UCP candidate Pat Rehn, Larivee was elected as the first Vice President for the United Nurses of Alberta.

Pat Rehn was turfed from caucus in early 2021, after the Town of Slave Lake released a scathing letter asking for the MLA for Lesser Slave Lake to resign from his position for better representation.

Premier Kenney noted at the time that the Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn will not be permitted to run for future UCP nomination.

Larivee siad in her announcement, "Kenney and the UCP have made life worse for the people of our region, from making things like utilities and insurance more expensive, to bringing in a curriculum that will hurt our kids, to completely mismanaging the response to COVID."

Editorial Note: Christopher Brown the host of the Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown managed Ms. Larivee's campaign in 2015.


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