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Green Party To Elect New Leader on November 19th

The race to replace interim leader Amita Kuttner has begun.

The Green Party of Canada will elect their new leader on November 19th. According to the Leadership Committee news release, the party will begin accepting official applications from candidates for the leadership, "We are excited to welcome all contestants who are encouraged to apply."

Candidates will have until 11:59 PM on August 5th to submit their paperwork, an approved list of candidates will be available later that month.

According to the rules, candidates must be nominated by at least one hundred (100) Party members, including at least twenty (20) Young Greens, using the nomination form provided with the application form.

At least 20 of the Nominators must live in a region other than the region where the Applicant resides.

To enter the race candidates must pay a $1,000 non-refundable fee.

New to this years campaign, 50% of funds raised by contestants will be pooled and used for common campaign events, and contestant support. Funds may also be used to cover other contest costs including general Party operations.

The Greens have been led by interim leader Dr. Amita Kuttner after former Green Party Leader Annamie Paul resigned in 2021. Paul lead the party into the 2021 Federal election and saw the party's support drop, and failed to run candidates in all 338 federal ridings.

There are currently two Green MP's in the House of Commons, MP Elizabeth May and Mike Morrice.


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