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"I" is for Intergenerational

Municipal governments are comprised of local elected officials and encompass a range of administrative bodies, including cities, towns, villages, and municipal districts.

Join us in the Political Trenches: Local Government at Work as we examine the most pressing issues confronting municipal governments throughout Canada. I along with my co-hostIan McCormack, President of Strategic Step Inc., will provide insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that confront local governments as they strive to serve their communities.

Today we bring you the letter ‘I’ which stands for Intergenerational. Later in the episode, we will speak with a father and daughter who both entered into Municipal politics.

But first, we follow up on the recent Alberta Provincial Inspection Report from Chestermere, Alberta. We will talk about a Manitoba Mayor who had her mayoral powers restored by Manitoba’s Appeal Court. The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is looking for the next generation of Councillors and Mayors.


Stories We Talked About This Episode:

Manitoba appeal court rules RM of St. Andrews council lacked authority to strip mayor of power:

SARM seeks next generation to join rural municipal politics:


Abuse Against Elected Officials: Bucking The Trend


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