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Johnson leadership vote scheduled for later today

Passing the 15 percent threshold needed to spark a leadership review on the United Kingdom Conservative Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will face a vote of non-confidence between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM (London Time) of the sitting Conservative MP.

The chairman of the powerful 1922 committee, which is a committee of United Kingdom Conservative backbenchers, Sir Graham Brady said in a press release, " The votes will be counted immediately afterwards.

"An announcement will be made at a time to be advised. Arrangements for the announcements will be released later today," Brady stated.

This is the second time in two 4 years that the powerful 1922 committee has forced a leadership review of the Conservative leader. In 2018 the party turfed former Prime Minister Theresa May.

The timeline for the vote is scheduled more urgently after consultation with Boris Johnson. It had been reported, via the Guardian, that the vote was likely on Tuesday or Wednesday - and this reflects what happened in 2018, when the vote of no confidence in Theresa May was held 24 hours after Brady told May the threshold for a ballot had been reached.

A spokesperson for No.10 said that the embattled Conservative Prime Minster welcomes the challenge to his leadership,"Tonight is a chance to end months of speculation and allow the government to draw a line and move on, delivering on the people’s priorities.

"The PM welcomes the opportunity to make his case to MPs and will remind them that when they’re united and focused on the issues that matter to voters there is no more formidable political force," the release stated.

Calls for Johnson to step down have been increasing since reports of No. 10 having parties during the height of the covid pandemic. A public inquiry has dodged the Prime Minister over the last few months and


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