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Lewis announces Leadership Bid

Leslyn Lewis the MP for Haldimand-Norfolk has announced that she is running for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Lewis, who ran for the leadership in 2020, announced via social media she was taking another run at the parties top job, " I’m running to lead our party and our country based on Hope, Unity and Compassion."

"It’s time to unite in the spirit of love and togetherness and build a hopeful,

united and compassionate Canada again." Lewis states on her campaign website (

Lewis was first elected in 2021 in the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk in South Western Ontario. She first ran for elected office in 2015, in the riding of Scarborough Rouge Park.

During the 2020 Leadership race, Lewis lead on the second ballot in total votes cast, but due to how the party allocates points (based on ridings) she failed to garner enough points to stay on the ballot.

Her base of support during the leadership race was western provinces mainly Alberta and Saskatchewan.

She is now the second candidate to announce her intentions to seek the top job after Erin O'Tooles resignation in early February. Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre announced days after O'Tooles resignation that he was seeking the jobs. Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest is expected to announce his candidacy in the coming days.


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