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Liberal MP announces resignation, takes UN Job

Mississauga-Lakeshore Liberal MP Sven Spengemann has announced that he will be resigning his seat effective May 28, to take a job at the UN.

"I am deeply grateful to Prime Minister Trudeau, to the residents of Mississauga-Lakeshore and to my family and friends, my team and my colleagues for the opportunity to have served our beautiful community and our country since 2015," Spengemann said in a post to social media.

He added that the work the government has done over the last 7 years has been rewarding and challenging at the same time, "Together, we have faced significant challenges, particularly over the last two years, and we have worked tirelessly to protect Canadians and to put in place strong foundations for a better and more peaceful tomorrow."

As for future plans, Spengemann said that he accepted a job to serve at the United Nations, "Earlier this week, I accepted an opportunity to once again serve with the United Nations, effective May 28th, 2022, and I will have more to say on my new role in due course.

"I embark on this challenge with a full heart, sustained by love and friendships, encouraged by the extraordinary leadership among colleagues and partners in our community, in Ottawa and around the world, and inspired by our shared vision of inclusion and service," Spengemann added.

The Liberal MP was first elected in the massive swing of the 2015 election, where he beat incumbent MP Stella Ambler. He was recently re-elected in 2021 with just under 45% of the vote.

Spengemann becomes the first MP to resign from office since the 2021 Canadian Federal Election.


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