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List of support grows for Trucker Convoy, as it edges closer to Ottawa

The line in the sand has been drawn and politicians are lining up on the for, and against side of the Trucker Convoy that is heading to Ottawa this weekend.

We have complied an ongoing list of celebrities, politicians who have publicly expressed support for the Truckers Convoy.

Dean Allison MP for Niagara West posted to his verified twitter account said the Truckers have tremendous support and to "Keep on peacefully and respectfully trucking"

Larry Maguire MP for Brandon-Souris said in a posted on January 26th said "If you agree truckers are essential, then let them do their jobs."

Alberta MP for Bow River Martin Sheilds said that he would be in Ottawa awaiting the trucking convoy, "Canadian supply chains are critical and the Trudeau Liberal government’s mandates and freedom-curbing restrictions have gone on too long. It’s time to get our freedoms back.

Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer and Warren Steinley met with the Trucker convoy in Regina. Steinley said in a post "Nice to listen to a new trucker who sees the impacts of the Trudeau Liberals failed polices daily."

Scheer went on to post, "Thank you Truckers! Trudeau is attacking personal liberty and threatening everyone's ability to get groceries because of his overreach on vaccine mandates. He is the biggest threat to freedom in Canada."

Conservative MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis shared her thoughts on the convoy via twitter, "I’m proud of the Truckers. Peaceful protest is a cornerstone of our democracy. The liberal mandates are unscientific, vindictive, mean-spirited and promote segregation. The people have a moral obligation to oppose unjust laws and mandates.

Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Candice Bergen released a statement giving her full endorsement of the Trucker convoy heading to Ottawa, "I support peaceful demonstrations against these mandates, and our truckers from Porage-Lisagr and from across Canada."

Finance Critic for the Conservatives Pierre Poilievre said that this was a Trudeaus Vaccine Vendetta against the Truckers.

MP for Peace River Westlock penned an MP Column saying he was standing up for the Truckers, " Justin Trudeau has extended his ‘vaccine vendetta’ (a term coined by my colleague MP Pierre Poilievre) to one of the most integral parts of our supply chains. Products are already limited and empty shelves have become the norm. The vaccine mandate will make this worse. The Liberal federal government seems intent on making life more frustrating and more expensive for you at every turn. "]

Bay of Quinte MP Ryan Williams said in a tweet "Support the Truckers! We need them more than ever!"

CPC Transportation Critic and MP for Thornhill Melissa Lantsman said that Trudeau needs to reverse the mandate today, "While our cost of living crisis leaves Canadian families struggling to buy groceries and goods, Twitter is pretending it isn’t a problem. It is for many, it will be for more. Join the tens of thousands who are frustrated. Reverse the mandate."

Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas spoke with Hal Roberts on Bidge City New about her support for the TruckersForFreedom Convoy. Thomas said that she supports the convoy and that Canadians are tuning in supporting this convoy.

Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl said in a statement, "We promised to support reasonable exemptions and accommodations like rapid testing. We need to make good on those promises. #TruckersForFreedom

Leader of the Christian Heritage Party Rod Taylor posted photos at the launch of the Convoy in BC penned an open letter the the Prime Minister urging him to reverse the government approach on the issue of vaccine mandate, "Please reconsider your government’s approach to these issues. I would be happy to introduce you to some of the brave and brilliant doctors and scientists who could help you chart a more effective course so we can turn the corner on this pandemic.

Colin Kreiger a contender for the Leadership of the Maverick Party - who is also participating in the convoy said "Trudeau is going to regret this one.

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier said in a tweet, "It took 22 months for a handful of Conservative MPs to finally decide that they oppose Trudeau’s fascist covid measures and support freedom. How courageous! Without the PPC there would have been no pushback whatsoever during this whole time.

Premier Scott Moe said in a press conference that he respected what the Truckers have done for the country over the last 21 months, "It was truckers that crossed that border day in and day out and brought us back our vegetables, our goods and services."

Ontario New Blue Party Leader Jim Karahalios posted a video of a speech he made in Fort Erie, Ontario, "The truckers have a job to do, the health workers have a job to do. Instead of standing up against Justin Trudeau and saying let the people do their jobs (Doug Ford) is cutting deals in the back."

Support for the Trucker Convoy came from in from around the worlds as well.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr tweeted his support for the Trucker Convoy, We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our federal government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people.”

Donald Trump Jr posted a video to his Facebook page supporting the convoy, and said that Truckers in Canada, "were standing my against medical tyranny."

Fox News Host Laura Ingraham said in a interview with Canadian Political Commentator Theo Fluery, ""We wish all the truckers, everyone supporting them, on the supply chain issue and all the rest, the best of luck."

This list will grow as we find more details. If you notice a politician supporting the Truckers Convoy please email us at


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