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Move over WestJet, Lynx Air is here

Calgary International Airport will be home to another airline, after Mondays announcement that Lynx Air will be setting up shop in Calgary.

Lynx Air is describing itself as, "ultra-affordable airline, on a mission to make Canadian air

travel accessible to all, with low fares, a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 aircraft and great customer service."

Merren McArthur the new CEO and President of Lynx Air said that they were excited to bring competition and choice to Canadians, "We have created an ultra-affordable fare structure which is focused on simplicity, transparency and choice. Our à la carte pricing will empower passengers to pick and pay for the services they want, so they can save money on the trip and spend where it counts – at their destination."

Lynx will operate a fleet of Boeing’s newest 737 aircraft, featuring leading-edge fuel-efficient

technology. The airline has firm orders and lease agreements in place for a total of 46 aircraft over the next seven years to meet anticipated demand.

The CEO says the company will bring around 450 jobs across Canada.


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