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Nunavut Votes: Fresh New Mayors, Multiple Acclimations and One Tie

Voters in the Territory of Nunavut made their voices heard Monday Night, with the majority of the Mayors in the 25 communities being fresh faces.

22 communities had posted unofficial results to Elections Nunavut in their respective mayoral races. At least five incumbent mayors were defeated in their attempts to get re-elected, while one election will be paused for a bit longer as it ended in a tie.

Igloolik Selects New Leader of Council

In the Hamlet of Igloolik Mayor Erasmus Ivvalu was defeated by their challenger George Auksaq.

The race was extremely close with Ivvalu only receiving 29 votes, Auksaq garnering 85 and George Qattalik garnering 83 votes. It was one of the closest election results of the night.

Hamlet of Igloolik

​26.44% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

George Auksaq



​George Qattalik


Erasmus Ivvalu



Auksaq will be leading a council that was all acclaimed Monday night. The new Councillor-elects are Celestino Uyarak, Edward Attagutaluk, Shanshan Tian, Amanda Curley, Ludger Makkik, Jacob Malliki and Celina Uttuigak.

Amarulik Out In Resolute Bay

The first major upset of the night came from the Hamlet of Resolute Bay where incumbent Mayor Mark Amarulik was defeated by challenger and former Mayor Aziz Kheraj

Kheraj served as Mayor in the early 2000's.

94 votes headed to the polls, approximately 64% of the electorate came out to vote in the election, with Kheraj gaining 35 votes while incumbent Mayor Amarualik got just 18 votes. Mark Stephens who was also in the running got only 6 votes.

Hamlet of Resolute Bay

​63.83% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

​Aziz Kheraj



Mark Amarualik



Mike Stephens


Robinson comes in Third in Naujaat

In the Hamlet of Naujaat, Incumbent Mayor Alan Robinson was defeated by Kevin Tegumiar in another three-way race.

With only 29 percent of the voters taking part in the northern hamlet, Tegumiar garnered 97 of the 136 votes cast in Monday's election, while Joesph Sivanertok took 24 votes, and incumbent Mayor Robinson garnered only 15 votes.

​Hamlet of Naujaat

​28.94% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Kevin Tegumiar



Joseph Sivanertok


Alan Robinson



Chuck out, Panigauak In: Taloyoak gets new Mayor

John Charles "Chuck" Pizzo-Lyall was defeated Monday Night in the Hamlet of Taloyoak. His only challenger Lenny Panigayak took over as Mayor of the North-Eastern Community.

This was Pizzo-Lyall who was elected in 2019 defeating the then incumbent Simon Qingnaqtuq.

Panigayak defeated Pizzo-Lyall 117-80.

Hamlet of Taloyoak

​28.94% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Lenny Panigayak



John Charles "Chuck" Pizzo-Lyall



Gjoa Haven Gets New Mayor

In the Kitikmeot Community of Gjoa Haven Mayor Megan Porter went down in defeat to challenger Raymond Quqshuun Sr.

With just over 54 percent of the eligible voters turning up at the polling stations, Porter who was serving her first term lost to Quqshuun Sr. 258-139.

Hamlet of Gjoa Haven

​54.34% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Raymond Quqshuun Sr.



Megan Porter



Chesterfield Inlet Mayor Defeated

Chesterfield Inlet is on the west coast of Hudson Bay in the Kivalliq region just south of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut.

Incumbent Mayor Tony Amauyak was defeated by challenger Simionie Sammurtok by just 9 votes.

Sammurtok took 45 votes, while Amauyak took 34 votes. A third candidate Mary Ann Issaluk received only 25 votes.

Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

​48.84% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Simionie Sammurtok



Tony Amauyak



Mary Anne Issaluk


New Mayors of Open Seats

Not all new Mayors defeated incumbents or the position of Mayors, multiple incumbents mayors didn't reoffer, creating a vacancy.

In the Hamlet of Artic Bay, Longtime Councillor Olayuk Naqitarvik defeated Deputy Mayor Frank May 63-33 to be elected Artic Bay's newest Mayor.

Lynn Meeka Mike will be the new Mayor for the Hamlet of Pangnirtung. Defeating former Mayor and Councillor Stevie Komoartok.

Baker Lake has a new Mayor, Former Mayor Richard Aksawnee didn't re-offer. While Kevin Iksiktaaryuk has been elected as the new mayor of the hamlet.

Oliver Shipton will be taking over from Whale Cove Mayor Percy Kabloona, who didn't stand for re-election.

Mayors Win Re-election

In Grise Fiord, Incumbent Mayor Meeka Kiguktak won re-election. While in Pond Inlet, Mayor Josahua Arreak cruised to re-election over challenger David Qamaniq

Acclimations In Nunavut

While many of the 25 municipalities in Nunavut were heading to the polls multiple municipalities didn't need elections for Mayor.

In the Hamlet of Qikqtarjuaq, Daisy Arnaquq was acclaimed as Mayor of the community just outside of Auyuittuq National Park. In the Hamlet of Kugaaruk, Teddy Apsaktuan will be the Mayor for another term. Earlier this year Kinngait Mayor Toonoo stepped down for health reasons and Jimmy Manning became Mayor in April of this year, He was acclaimed to a full term in Office. Maliktuk Lyta will stay on as Mayor of Kimmirut for another term as she was acclaimed to the position earlier in September when no challenger stepped forward.

In Coral Harbour Kupapik NIngeocheak will be the new Mayor of the small hamlet community.

Alan Cormack of Clyde River didn't reoffer for the position of Mayor, so Deputy Mayor Laimikie Palluq will be the new mayor as they were the only candidate to put papers forward to serve as Mayor.

Joe Savikataaq Jr. will be leading his first full term as Mayor of the Hamlet of Arviat Mayor. Savikataaq Jr. became Mayor of Arviat after former Mayor Bob Leonard passed away in 2020.

In One Community It's a Tie

In the community of Sanirajak, the vote for Mayor will be decided at a later date after two of the four candidates tied 57 votes a piece.

Ammie H. Kipsigak and Philip Anguratsiaq both received 57 votes, while Jason Kaernerk garnered 33 votes and David Curely achieved only 24 votes.

According to Elections Nunavut, an "Administrative recount has been completed, Results indicate a tie. The final results will be posted on Ocotber 24th, 2023."

Incumbent Mayor Jaypeetee Audlakiak did not stand for re-election.

Hamlet of Sanirajak

​43.18% Turnout

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Ammie H. Kipsigak


​Philip Anguratsiaq


Jason Kaernerk


David Curely


No Results Known in Three

In three communities - Cambridge Bay, Sanikiluaq, and Kugluktuk the results for Mayor had not been posted at the time of publication.


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