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Ontario Independent MPP to run in newly formed party

Randy Hiller, the Independent Member of Provincial Parliament for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston announced Monday Morning that he would be running for the top political job in Ontario in the June 2022 election.

Hillier, an outspoken critic of Premier Ford and the Ontario handling of the pandemic, said to a group of supporters that the purple wave was coming to Ontario,"We want to fight for freedom, for justice, for democracy and for fairness.

In a speech to a crowd wearing PPC purple, Hillier laid out his vision and what he was fighting for.

Hillier also announced the formation of a new yet unnamed party which will be on the ballot in 2022, "I will be leading (the party) in the June election in 2022."

"This is a cultural war, and how we win cultural wars is at the ballot box," Hillier said to cheers from the audience.

During the speech, Hillier said to supporters in the crowd to sign up on the Ontario First Party that was being passed out. He also mentioned that people could sign up on the PPC Ontario paper work.

At this time there are no registered parties in Ontario are named the Ontario First Party, or Ontario PPC Party.

"The Ontario purple wave will launch very soon so come and join us," Hillier added.

Randy Hillier was previously a member of the Progressive Conservative Party until he was ousted from the party in 2019.

The 43rd general election in Ontario is expected to take place on Thursday, June 2, 2022.


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