OPINION: I Don't Care Who You Vote For

There has been alot of talk over the last few weeks about needing to buy a membership and vote for the next leader of the UCP and ultimately the next Premier of Alberta.

We've heard, 'If you want to stop candidate 'X' you need to take out a membership and vote against them'. I've honestly had enough. Enough fo the scare tactics, enough of the bullshit - pardon my language - and enough of the, 'if you dont, democracy wont survive'.

I honestly couldn't care if you buy a membership, or dont buy a membership to the UCP Leadership Race. It's not my job. My - in my head that is - job to inform the people of this great country and help them make their own decision.

The Twitter Gods - those who believe their follower count is indicative of what their self worth is - believe that you need to buy a membership because it will stop the evil scary politician from winning and destroying us. They want you to envision a post-apocalyptic world where we scavenger for food and water, and are begging you to take out a membership to stop them.

If you vote for Danielle Smith, good for you, if you vote for Rachel Notley, good for you, if you buy a membership in a party because you believe in stopping someone good on you mate. Just dont expect me to tell you to do it.

I have had numerous leadership candidates on the show and have spoke to them about their leadership aspirations. At the end of each of our episodes we tell people where they can find more information, where they can buy a membership but we do no tell them to buy a membership. Why? Because I believe the voting public gets it right each time.

They got it right when they voted for Donald Trump (under their system he won fair and square. It's not the votes that matter but the electoral college math), they got it right when they voted for Justin Trudeau (again under our system most votes never wins its always most seats, and they got it right in 2015 when they voted in Rachel Notley. It's not my job or my responsibility to hand hold my audience, I am there to inform the public, period.

I have heard from people who say that it's the only chance you have to vote for the Premier of Alberta. So what? If the majority of the people in a party vote for a certain person let them be Premier or Prime Minsiter.