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"Passing the Torch": Horwath steps down after election results

4 elections later, Andrea Horwath is stepping down as leader of the Ontario NDP after failing to make gains in the Thursday Ontario Election.

Horwath said in a speech to party supporters, "My commitment to you is never going to waver, and I'm going to keep working to earn your confidence each and every day. I'm going to keep doing that. But tonight, it's time for me to pass the torch, to pass the baton, to hand off the leadership of the NDP.

"And you know what, it makes me sad, but it makes me happy because our team is so strong right now."

After winning seats in 2018 in Liberal strongholds of Toronto and the GTA, Thursday Night the NDP lost seats to the governing PC's and the Ontario Liberals.

The NDP were shut out of Brampton a once stronghold for the NDP.

Ford's Progressive Conservative Party is expected to form a second majority government.

During the election period, the NDP leader was sidelined for 5 days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Horwath became the party's first female leader when she was chosen in 2009.


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