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Paul officially resigns, kicks off leadership search for Greens

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul announced via twitter that she has officially sent in her notice of resignation to the Green Party of Canada on Wednesday morning.

In the announcement via twitter, Paul who has been at the helm of the party since 2020

announced that she would be stepping down and resigning her membership in the party, " I sent formal notice of my resignation to the GPC (Green Party of Canada). I will also be ending my membership in the GPC."

Paul tweeted that she looks forward to what is next, " It was an honour to work for the people and Canada, and I look forward to serving in new ways."

Days after the 44th general election, Paul who lost her bid to enter the House of Commons in the riding of Toronto-Centre, announced that she started the process of leaving the role of leader of the Greens.

Paul announced during the first press conference after the election that the last year at the helm of the Greens was "the worst period" of her time.

The Greens failed to run a full slate of candidates in the 2021 election, and went on to being reduced to two seats in the House of Commons. Elizabeth May (British Columbia) and Mike Morrice (Ontario) are the two Green representatives in the House of Commons.

The Greens will not begin the process of looking for an interim leader, May and Morrice have both stated they wanted to focus on their roles in the House of Commons.

Prior to Paul winning the leadership in 2020, Jo-Ann Roberts was the interim leader of the Green Party of Canada.


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