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Pitt Steps Back From Sawhney to step back into alignment with constituents

Angela Pitt (Left) and Rajan Sawhney (Right) at Sawhney's Campaign Launch in Airdrie on June 14th

Airdrie-East MLA Angela Pitt is stepping back from the Rajan Sawhney campaign as of Sunday morning.

Citing the need to re-align with her constituents values, Pitt stated, "I believe in a strong Alberta that will both stand up to Ottawa and respect individual freedoms."

Pitt made the announcement via social media Sunday afternoon saying that her new focus will be on the ongoing issues that the people of Airdrie-East are facing, " Issues like Airdrie’s inadequate urgent care facility and the EMS crisis must be resolved and I am working hard to do that."

Pitt was the lone caucus endorsement that Sawhney had and the chair of the Sawhney campaign.

Pitt left on a positive note saying of the leadership hopeful, "Please know that Rajan is a wonderful, smart and compassionate person. She loves Alberta, her community and works tirelessly for her constituents.

"I will do my part to ensure the conservative movement in Alberta remains united as we rebuild a free and prosperous future for our province," Pitt added.

Sawhney is running to be the leader of the United Conservative Party. She is facing off against Former Wildrose Leaders Brian Jean and Danielle Smith, Independent MLA Todd Loewen, and Caucus Colleagues Travis Toews, Rebecca Schulz, and Leela Aheer.

Albertans wanting to vote in the leadership race have until August 12th to sign up to vote in the leadership contest which is set for later this fall.

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