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Poilievre announces his entrance into CPC leadership

In a three minute video, Pierre Poilievre the Conservative Finance Critic, and MP for the Ontario riding of Carelton announced that he was running to be the next Prime Minister.

"I'm running for Prime Minsiter, to put you back in charge of your life, together we will make Canadians the freest people on this earth," Poilievre explained while launching his bid.

"You see in a free country, a smaller government makes room for bigger citizens."

The Carelton MP is expected to be the front runner for the leadership. He has amassed a large social media following in his time in government.

Poilievre has been vocally critical of the liberals handling of the economy which in recent months has seen inflation cause panic as costs of goods and services increase.

"Over half of (Canadians) families now struggle just to feed themselves," He added. "And nore more 30 year olds live in their parents basements because they can't afford the cost of a typical home, $800,000."

Poilievre took aims at the Trudeau Government's handling of the pandemic, " Using COVID as a political opportunity the Trudeau government has attacked small businesses, truckers and other hard working Canadians.

"They attack hunters and farmers, while letter gangs and gun smugglers run free," the Ontario MP stated. "Heres the problem, Trudeau thinks you are the boss, heres the thing you are the boss."

Within Hours of the announcement, Party supporters and MP's announced their support for the Conservative leadership candidate. Including Alberta MP's John Barlow (Foothills) and MP Michael Cooper (St.Albert-Edmonton). Provincially MLA Calgary Peigan Tanya Fir and Innisfail-Sylvan Lake MLA Devin Dreeshen announced their endorsement via twitter.

The Conservatives earlier this week announced their removal of former Leader Erin O'Toole, and selection of interim leader Candice Bergen to lead them until a permanent leader could be chosen at a future leadership race.


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