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Province Pulls Fuel Tax at Pumps on April 1st, Saving 0.13¢

As motorist continue to feel to pinch at the pumps across Canada, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that the province would be be offering relief from high fuel prices.

"Its costing more and more to get kids to school and get to work," Kenney said. "Bold decision to give real relief. Alberta will end the collection of the Provincial fuel tax," Kenney added.

Alberta's Finance Minister Travis Toews said that the removal of the Fuel tax will take effect on April 1st, "We will continue to support where we can, and call on all other levels of government to help where they can."

The removal will only be removed if the price of oil stays about $90 per barrel. If the price of oil drops below $80 per barrel the provincial fuel tax would be added back on to prices.

The government will not start to reinstate collection before July 1, 2022.

Minister Toews said that the provinces would be watching to ensure that the gas companies do actually pass on the savings.

On April 1st, the Federal Carbon Tax is set to increase .03 per litre. Kenney said that he is calling on the federal government to put a break on this years increase.

Along with the fuel tax announcement, Alberta’s government will also provide $150 electricity rebate to help Albertans who saw prices sore this winter.

Associate Minsiter Nally said that consumers who pay an electricity bill you will see a rebate on it later this year.

"A rebate to help offset these costs for Alberta families and small businesses will help provide support when they need it most." Nally added, that the rebates wouldn't be seen until later this year. "It would be three $50 rebates," which will be seen on future utility bills Nally concluded.


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