Refresh Alberta Now: Horsman Joins UCP Leadership Race

Jon Horsman the former Vice President of ATB Financial is making the plunge into the political arena with a bid for the United Conservative Party leadership and ultimately a bid to be the next Premier of Alberta.

Horsman launched his campaign at Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary with about 100 people in attendance, including former city councillor Jeff Davison, and former CBC' Dragon Den Star Brett Wilson.

The new leadership candidate talked about his vision for the party and his background. He also spoke about the need to get the right person in office as he saw what happened in 2015 when both the Alberta NDP and Federal Liberals took office, " The one thing I have learnt (in my career) is that Alberta Businesses are built for economic cycles.

"What they aren't built for is bad government though. They aren't built for when Trudeau got elected and Notley got elected, I've never seen so much wreckage than I did in those years," Horsman added. "If we can do anything to avoid that pain, if we can do anything to continue on with the gifts that we have been given then we should."

He continued to say, "That I why I'm stepping up to ensure that we never see that situation ever again because I think it was awful."

Turning his speech to the current state of the UCP. Horsman spoke about outgoing Premier Jason Kenney during his speech.

"We are facing a transition of Leadership," Horsman stated. " Why? Because Jason believes in democracy. He submitted himself to the will of the people.

"(Kenney said) listen 'I understand that I govern when the people behind me stand behind me,' and the people have spoken. And for whatever reason I can't say what, we need a new leader," Horsman added.