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"S" is for Shared Goals

Municipal governments are comprised of local elected officials and encompass a range of administrative bodies, including cities, towns, villages, and municipal districts.

This is the Political Trenches: Local Government at Work, the show dedicated to talking about the most pressing issues confronting municipal governments throughout Canada.

I along with Ian McCormack, will provide insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that confront local governments as they strive to serve their communities.

We are continuing our journey through the Municipal Alphabet, and today we bring you the letter “S” is for Shared Goals

Later in the episode, Ian and I will be joined by the executive director of the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group.

But first, we will head to Ontario to talk about a Mayor who is facing Legal action over her election expenses. We will stay in Ontario to talk about Mayor rejecting Strong Mayor Powers, and thence will chat with council voting to elect a council member from a list of residents who applied for the job, and finally we will end in Alberta where one Community submitted a petition to introduce a “crosswalk and flagpole” bylaw.


Stories We Talked About This Episode:

Haldimand mayor election spending problems the result of inexperience and ‘conceptual errors,’ says lawyer

4 Ontario municipalities turn down strong mayor powers

Goderich to determine next councillor on Monday

Town council must either pass 'crosswalks and flags' bylaw or hold plebsicite *************************************************** The DNA of Great Leaders: Key Attributes of the Best Mayors and Board Chairs Purchase Today:


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