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Saskatoon Will Have A New Mayor: Clark Wont Seek Re-Election

Saskatoon City Hall will be under new mangement after November 13th as Mayor Clark announces retirement

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark has announced that he will not seek re-election, paving the way for a heated mayoral race this November.

Clark, speaking at a news conference held at the city council chambers on Wednesday afternoon, expressed that he did not enter politics for a lifelong career.

He acknowledged that a new chapter in his life is beckoning, emphasizing the limited time available to be a parent unencumbered by the responsibilities of public office.

The decision, although difficult, was motivated by Clark's desire to savour the fleeting moments of parenthood before his children transition into adulthood. "I can tell in my heart it’s time for a new chapter in my life," remarked Clark, hinting at an uncertain future path.

Despite the speculation, the two-term mayor quipped that he has no plans to venture into provincial or federal politics.

Clark, who assumed the mayoral office in 2016 and has been a fixture on the city council since 2006, serving as the councillor for Ward 6, leaves a notable void to be filled in Saskatoon's political landscape.

As the municipal election looms on Wednesday, Nov. 13, the announcement sets the stage for a spirited race as contenders vie for the coveted mayoral seat and the chance to shape the future trajectory of the city.


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