Senator begins petition to review O'Toole's Leadership

Canadian Senator from Saskatchewan Denise Batters announced on Social media that she is launching a petition to review Erin O'Tooles Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership.

In a 2 minute video posted to Twitter, Batters says that the she's launching the petition so members have their say on the Leadership of the CPC, " Like so many others I worked hard to merge the Canadian Alliance and PC parties into our winning Conservative Party movement.

"We started this petition because we dont want to see this party pipped apart again," Batters said.

Batters states that under the leadership of Erin O'Toole the rift in the party is growing, "(O'Toole) told us that 'this is not your grandfathers Conservative Party' and ward campaigning MP's that they must agree 100 per cent with his new direction, which constantly changes, or get our of caucus."

Batters takes aim at some of the major reversals that O'Tool made on major Conservative Party policy.

"On Carbon Tax, on guns, on conscience rights, he flip-flopped on our policies within the same week, the same day, and even within the same sentence," Batters added.