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Senator begins petition to review O'Toole's Leadership

Canadian Senator from Saskatchewan Denise Batters announced on Social media that she is launching a petition to review Erin O'Tooles Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership.

In a 2 minute video posted to Twitter, Batters says that the she's launching the petition so members have their say on the Leadership of the CPC, " Like so many others I worked hard to merge the Canadian Alliance and PC parties into our winning Conservative Party movement.

"We started this petition because we dont want to see this party pipped apart again," Batters said.

Batters states that under the leadership of Erin O'Toole the rift in the party is growing, "(O'Toole) told us that 'this is not your grandfathers Conservative Party' and ward campaigning MP's that they must agree 100 per cent with his new direction, which constantly changes, or get our of caucus."

Batters takes aim at some of the major reversals that O'Tool made on major Conservative Party policy.

"On Carbon Tax, on guns, on conscience rights, he flip-flopped on our policies within the same week, the same day, and even within the same sentence," Batters added.

Under O'Tooles Leadership, the Conservative Party of Canada won fewer seats than under former Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, and bleed support to other parties costing them seats in Alberta, Lower Mainland British Columbia and the Greater Toronto Area.

The party did however pick up seats in rural Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Conservative Party Members can sign the petition at

Shortly after the announcement, MP for Calgary-Nose Hill and Natural Resources Critic

Michelle Remple-Garner tweeted that it Liberals will be rejoicing from the announcement form the Senator

" Today, after a week of heavy preparation, I was going to launch a defence of Trudeau's war on workers in a key Canadian industry. Instead, a CPC caucus member did this, and this is what will lead the news for a week. Liberals are rejoicing!," Remple-Garner Tweeted.

She added, "There will always be differences in a party - but this.....we will never overcome the Liberals if we're in

open public warfare with each other."

Senator Batters was appointed to the Upper Chamber in 2013 on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


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