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The Ballot Box E7. Trudeau Benches Canadiens

Canadians have always rallied around any team that finds themselves in the playoffs of any sports. But this week Canadians weren't haven't any of it when it came to 2021 Finalists Montreal Canadiens. After a incredible disastrous draft pick Canadians were left wondering what is going on with the Canadiens.

Justin Trudeau voiced his concern over the sports team draft pick, which lead many to ask the question, "Should those in Glass houses cast the first stone?"

The Ballot Box is now open, with Jennifer Sanford - Host of the "Conservative Like Me Podcast" - and we are ready to take the biggest news stories of the week including Trudeau being a hypocrite on issues around of misogyny, Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu asking the federal government to allow Albertans to carry pepper spray, a lab in Winnipeg having issues with CSIS, a leaked email from the Liberals turning up in a Conservative party fundraising email, and a few more issues.

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