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The Chief: What Makes A Good CAO?

Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs”, I'm your host, Chris Brown.

This is the first installment of our three-part series dedicated to unravelling the dynamic and pivotal role of Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) in the intricate landscape of municipalities.

In today's episode, we delve deep into the heart of municipal governance, examining the responsibilities, challenges, and evolving significance of the CAO.

Joining us in this insightful discussion are two esteemed guests: Ken Glover, President of Human Edge, a renowned Canada-wide executive search firm specializing in municipal leadership placements; and Christopher Parker, a seasoned professional with years of experience as a CAO in various Alberta municipalities, coupled with an impressive 11-year tenure as a Nova Scotia Municipal Councillor.

Our conversation aims to shed light on the multifaceted aspects of the CAO role, exploring the intricacies of their collaboration with municipalities and the critical impact they have on local governance.

We will explore the delicate balance between the CAO's strategic vision and the need for harmonious collaboration within the municipal leadership team.

Furthermore, our discussion will unravel the intriguing question of whether the role of a CAO remains as desirable today as it was in the past. With Christopher’s and Ken's firsthand experience spanning over a decade, we'll analyze how the landscape has evolved and whether the evolving demands of municipal governance impact the attractiveness of the CAO position.

Throughout the episode, we'll navigate the complexities of finding a good CAO and delve into the strategies and qualities that contribute to a CAO's success in fostering positive relationships with elected officials and the broader municipal administration.

As we embark on this exploration of the CAO's world, we invite you to gain a deeper understanding of the crucial role these professionals play in shaping the trajectory of municipalities. Stay tuned for insights, anecdotes, and expert perspectives on what makes a CAO an indispensable architect of effective local governance.

This is 'Municipal Affairs’.



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