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Three-Term Slave Lake Councillor Resigns

Slave Lake Councillor Julie Brandle (Town of Slave Lake Photo)

Long-serving Slave Lake Councillor Julie Brandle officially tendered her resignation from the Town Council on September 5th.

Brandle's journey as a town councillor commenced in 2013 when she was first elected to serve the Northern Alberta Community.

In a public statement shared on her personal Facebook page, Brandle expressed her deep regret over her resignation. She wrote, "To the Slave Lake Community, it is with sadness and deep regret that I have tendered my resignation with the Slave Lake Town Council this morning. I’ve been very proud of my time on Council and feel that I’ve contributed a lot in the last 10 years to the community I love so much!"

During her tenure, Brandle served on various committees, and balanced her role as a realtor with the responsibilities of a town councillor. However, the strain of this dual role, along with her commitments to family and health, led her to conclude that it was time for a break, according to the facebook post.

In her resignation statement, Brandle acknowledged the toll that the role of a councillor had taken on her life. "Being a Realtor is very hectic and stressful, and so is being a Town Councillor - and after 10 years, I feel that I need a break," she explained.

Brandle also noted that her decision was not sudden, but rather a culmination of mounting pressures and responsibilities. With the council's busy season on the horizon, including the budget discussions, she says that she believed that the timing was right to step down and allow for new perspectives to contribute to the community's growth.

Recognizing the burden her resignation places on the community, Brandle expressed her belief that "the Council Table needs a fresh face and a fresh perspective, which is never a bad thing for the community!"

She reiterated that it was the people of Slave Lake who inspired her work and would continue to be the reason she calls the town her home.

This will be the second by-election in less than a year for the small northern community, as former Mayor Tyler Warman tendered his resignation from the community earlier this spring.

No official word on the date of the by-election has been announced.

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