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We want our rights back: Bernier's simple message for Trudeau

On the day the Freedom Convoy was set to pull into Ottawa, the Leader of the Peoples Party of Canada Maxime Bernier said he had a simple message for the federal government, "We want our rights back"

In the half hour speech, broadcast live via social media, Bernier laid out his vision and what he would like the Canadian government to do around the pandemic.

Bernier put it simple, end restrictions because they are doing more harm than good, "Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch and spread the virus, vaccine passports are completely useless.

"The vast majority of Canadians are vaccinated," he added. "And yet we still have to live under a whole series of authoritarian covid measures, from vaccine mandates to lockdowns and vaccine passports."

"Vaccinated and unvaccinated (Canadians) want an end to this nightmare," he added.

He added that he would be staying in Ottawa to meet and talk with the members of the Freedom Convoy as they arrive on Parliament Hill. He says, "Why are the truckers being forced off the road with a new vaccine mandate."

This new mandate couldn't come at a worse time, according to Bernier, "At a time when the trucking industry already suffers from a severe shortage of manpower, irresponsible governments in Ottawa and Washington are deliberately and needlessly disrupting them even more."

During the press conference he laid out what he wanted the Trudeau government to do, including:

  1. Repeal the vaccine mandates on federal employees and federally regulated industries;

  2. Repeal all travel restrictions on planes, trains and boats for unvaccinated Canadians, and;

  3. The government should stop bailing out provinces that devastate their economy with lockdowns, curfews, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates.

While his main focus was on the Liberals and the government, Bernier took aim at his former party. He welcomed the handful of Conservative MP's, including Leader Candice Bergan and Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre, who came out in support for the Truckers Convoy and ending the restrictions.

"That’s a welcome contrast with their leader, who is unable to answer simple questions and has essentially supported every one of Trudeau’s decisions regarding covid," Bernier said taking aim at Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole.

To Conservative MP's who have been coming out against restrictions and lockdowns, Bernie had a simple message for them, "I warn them however that just like I did, they will soon realize that it’s just not possible to defend clear conservative principles in this morally and intellectually corrupt party. The door is open here at the People’s Party if they want to join us."


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