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Wetaskiwin Mayor Elected as President of Alberta Municipalities

President-Elect Tyler Gandam (Centre) being congratulated by Mayor Trina Jones after the results were declared Friday morning (Photo Cahty Heron Twitter)

In a pivotal moment for Alberta municipalities, Mayor Tyler Gandam of Wetaskiwin officially ascended to the role of President of Alberta Municipalities on Friday morning.

The outcome of this closely watched race saw Gandam surmounting two formidable contenders, Legal Mayor Trina Jones and Calgary Councillor Andre Chabot, in a heated battle for the position.

Gandam's impressive victory was underscored by his commanding 60.5 percent share of the vote. In contrast, Mayor Jones secured just shy of 30 percent of the votes, and Councillor Chabot landed in third place with just under 10 percent of the vote.

As the newly elected President, Tyler Gandam will assume the responsibilities of this vital position, succeeding outgoing President Cathy Heron. This transition marks a significant moment in the Alberta Municipalities leadership landscape, with Gandam poised to bring his vision and agenda to the forefront.

The new Mayor-Elect is scheduled to address the public and media in a press conference later this afternoon, where he is expected to outline his plans and priorities for his tenure as President of Alberta Municipalities.

The last time Alberta Municipalities was lead by a Municipal Leader from Wetaskiwin was from 1925-1926 when Mayor H.J Montomery lead the Municipal Organizaiton.



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