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The Cross Border Interviews is an independent news outlet dedicated to speaking with everyone, and not just those who agree with us. Our show may only have only a portion of the budgets of those other news organizations, but we're proud that every dollar in our budget is donated by our supporters - people like you who agree that news organizations should get back to telling the story and not being the story. 

Cross Border Interviews/Cross Border News has continued to bring guests on the show from all backgrounds and all political leanings. We go more in-depth than the traditional soundbite you see on the 6 o'clock news. Our interviews are unedited and unfiltered so you our listeners and supporters can hear directly from the people who make the news, and not hear from those who read the news. 

Your support can, and will, help continue our mission of  "Fair and Balanced Journalism". Click on one of the links below to support the show today. 

If you would prefer to donate via Cheque, our mailing address is:


Cross Border Interviews With Chris Brown

119 Whiteglen Cres. NE

Calgary, Alberta 

T1Y 2Z4


Thank you for your ongoing help and support.

Christopher Brown 

Host of Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown

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