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CBE calls on AB Government to delay rollout of K-6 Draft Curriculum

The Calgary Board of Education is asking the Alberta government to delay the roll out of the proposed K-6 Draft Curriculum.

Laura Hack, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) chair made a speech prior to the last School Board Meeting, "In December, the Board of Trustees met with the Minister of Education. We outlined CBE’s concerns regarding the content of the draft and followed up this conversation with a letter to the Minister.

"The CBE’s position, given the timelines ahead of us as well as where the pandemic has put us, is to have no new subjects be implemented in the fall of 2022," Hack stated.

The going pandemic and the rise of the Omicron variant are the key concerns around asking for the delay, Hack said, "The ongoing pandemic and recent Omicron wave continues to have significant impacts on teaching and learning. We need to see things stabilize before changing expectations for students with the implementation of a new curriculum."

Premier Jason Kenney announced on Tuesday February 8th that the government would be removing requirements for children and youth under the age of 12 would no longer need masks effective February 14th.

Also announced was that no masks would be required for children and youth in schools of any age also taking effect on February 14th.

Hack said that the delay would help strengthen the curriculum, "The delay we are asking for would ensure the government has time for a robust pilot to strengthen the curriculum, to create and execute a plan to acquire and develop quality resources, as well as time for the Ministry to develop a comprehensive provincial communication toolkit that addresses the needs of all educational stakeholders."

In the chairs speech, Hack extended an olive branch to the Alberta government, "We, as the Calgary Board of Education, look forward to working collaboratively with the government to ensure the needs of students are being met. By working together, we can advance education where Alberta remains ranked among the top education systems in the world."


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